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Skydiving Clothing

A recent tourist to San Francisco who wears a shirt with “I left my heat in San Francisco" is just expressing his love for the city. Similarly a visitor to New York would be proud to wear a T-shirt with “I love New York" painted boldly on it. Such simple messages express feelings very clearly. It could be a poetic message or very serious with political undertones. Some could be merely funny or just reminders of experiences like “I survived hurricane Andrew".


Clothing of any kind can become good memorabilia to remember important events in people's lives. Shirts or special clothing as a memento is indispensable for many special occasions, be it a graduation day or even Halloween! Human endeavors including sports especially the high risk, adventure variety surely have impressive clothing as part of the package!

Skydiving is no exception! Skydiving clothing varies according to the use. It may look very weird to the outsiders, that is, the non skydivers but the skydiving clothing is very precious in the eyes of the skydiving enthusiasts and their fans. One has to be a skydiver or an avid follower of the sport to understand this feeling.

Skydiving clothing starts from the basic variety to the sophisticated jumpsuits, wing suits and the tailor made apparel. There are countless variety of clothing available from leading skydiving drop zones. Such special clothing is used both by the novice, first time skydivers as well as the seasoned professionals who come in their favorite suit or shirt. Many skydivers prefer a particular shirt or a suit for competitions and they attach a lot of sentimental value to their clothing.

"FREEdom means Choice" is the most popular and reputed brand among the skydivers as per They introduced the hugely popular free fly pants and the free fly suits in the skydiving clothing market. They are the most sought after clothing that all the skydivers go gaga about.

The Bev Suits also figure among the top makers of jumpsuits and clothing. They offer camera suit ostensibly for the skydiver-cum-cameraman, FX Style Competition Suit for the pros who like to compete and the Polycotton Suit for the more seasoned skydivers. There are even more clothing designs suitable for more complicated skydiving stunts.

Matter Clothing figures among the top list of skydiving clothing manufacturers. They offer a wide range of clothing designs that are the envy of the other skydivers who don't own one. Some of the clothing from Matter includes The Classic Custom Suit, MTR2 Wing Suit and the Matrix Free Fly Suit.

Skydiving clothing becomes almost an integral part of any skydiver’s persona. Whether it is a wingsuit, jumpsuit or a plain shirt, the skydiving clothing brings the nostalgic memories back to a skydiver.


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