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Skydiving Indoors

Imagine a situation when you and your friends were very much excited about going on a skydiving adventure. All of you prepared very seriously, learnt all the lessons by heart. You also made it a point to soak in each bit of information your instructor passed on to you. You were eagerly looking forward to your first jump. And then the unthinkable happens! The weather turns bad and you can't go on your skydiving trip. Disappointment is writ large over your face and you are down in the dumps.


Hold on! There is no need to despair. Technology has advanced so much that you can actually do skydiving indoor! Itís true; it is now possible for you to skydive any time of the day, rain or shine. Wind tunnel, a mechanism - made up of a huge tube of fiberglass encasement makes it possible. A powerful gust of air is released in to the tunnel into which a skydiving student can jump. This experience simulates body flight and the thrill and excitement that a skydiver looks for.

Skydiving indoors is an ideal training ground for the students who want to master the accelerated free fall and aim to reach the status of a licensed jumper. The rigorous training in accelerated free fall demands that the students master the basic skills before they are allowed to jump. The indoor training facility trains the novice in improving the body flight maneuvers and learn techniques in keeping afloat while maintaining precise position and control stability.

Skydiving indoors is spread across America. Flyaway Indoor Skydiving in Tennessee is among the more popular facilities. Skyventure in Orlando, Florida is a famous facility. The United States Parachute Association ( can give you the listings of the skydiving indoors facilities. This organization has quite a comprehensive list of the skydiving indoors schools. You can enjoy the sport wherever you are in the U.S from a good skydiving indoor center near you.

One might get terrified just at the thought of skydiving. You can't blame the sport because it takes a lot of courage to take that leap of faith in yourself and enjoy the thrill that you derive from skydiving. For people who are afraid to try the outdoor variety, skydiving indoors could be the most suitable alternative. You can get the same thrill without the velocity or the fear of the heights. The air blows and the free fall floating experience will still remain the same minus the worry of a possible danger. Therefore all that you want from skydiving can be enjoyed indoors.

If the weather is threatening to play spoil sport in your skydiving plans, be prepared and look for the nearest skydiving indoors center to have a gala time in the vertical wind tunnel.


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