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Skydiving Lessons

Flying or floating on air was thought to be impossible till the advent of skydiving. Skydiving gives one a unique feeling of rush not seen anywhere else. The thrill and excitement that the skydiving enthusiasts get are incomparable and it remains a grand adventure of a lifetime. You will literally go into another world of fantasy where blue, cottony skies are your only shade, wide green grass on the earth is your special carpet and the wide blue ocean is your own swimming pool even as you inch your way down from the sky.


Skydiving is probably the most dangerous and toughest of all the extreme sports. But with thousands of novices successfully jumping to their first attempts, we can no longer say that it is indeed dangerous. The people who have taken this sport seriously and made it their favorite vocation have not spared any effort in ensuring that skydiving becomes the safest sport in the world. Continuous research is on just to find ways and means to protect the lives of people who want to taste the thrill even as they are afraid of it.

The skydiving enthusiasts must bear in mind the importance of skydiving lessons that their learned instructors give them. A good skydive is possible only when all skydiving lessons are followed to the letter by the students. The skydiving lessons differ for people who want to try tandem skydiving and accelerated free fall.

While doing a tandem skydive, the novice has no reason to worry since the skydiving lessons taught here are just to relax, have faith and trust your instructor. The instructor is the key to a successful tandem jump as he handles everything. The novice diver just latches on to the instructor and they descend together while enjoying the ride. Imagine a dive as easy as this, not a worry on your mind, no tension of trying to remember your lessons!

Accelerated free fall is another ball game altogether. You have to undergo many more skydiving lessons that can take more time and effort. Once you absorb the lessons you can qualify for the actual free fall dive - all by yourself.

The students can watch a video clip during the orientation program. This video covers all aspects of skydiving lessons, tandem or a free fall. It helps to condition the mind and acts as to fix the drill in the minds of the students so that they can be 100% sure of the exact way to skydive.

The students are also familiarized with a parachute and other gadgets. They can get a feel of the gadgets and observe how they work.

Once you learn all the skydiving lessons you deserve to enjoy the freedom of owning the world, feel like that majestic eagle suspended in the air and experience the feeling of a bird getting a bird's eye view of the world!


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